DevOps part 2, Linux Server Setup

Remember the task that we talk about last time, well they are now divided into 5 parts, this is the second as you can see in the title, this time we have to make this:

  1. Install a Linux distribution
    1. You may choose to create a virtual machine for this (or right on hardware), you may already have this and you also may choose to create a new one.
  2. Install support for your development environment. This should include:
    1. Your coding language setup.
    2. git installed for pushing to your GitHub repository.
    3. Setup web deployment.
  3. Setup your first test use of Cron  on your server.

For the first one I already talk about my history installing Linux ( a little hilarious, a classmate said) you can check it at my previous post, so number one check!!!


here is my desktop!!! I had a little problem with my computer do to the memory optane component, but it’s all fine now, if you have a computer that has the memory optane you might have some problems when you turn it on after you made the partitions, mostly because the optane only works on Windows, so it mess Linux a little bit, but all goes back to normal if you just turn it off.

The second part i have already install the programming languages that i mostly use ( Java, Python, C++ and JavaScript) and git configured. Also I install Node.js as my web deployment environment. So second task check!!!


For the third task I had to do a little more research and I don’t know I totally get it. I made a server with node.js only with the «Hello World» code and use Cron so that it runs it every first of each month. I had to download a Cron implementations because ArchLinux doesn’t come with a default one because the system uses systemd/Timers


So that would be all, see you on the next update!!!

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