Python Unit Testing

This time we were left with the task of learning more about Python Unit Testing PyTest, this time we used the IDE Pycharm which I found very useful and cool, I had used it when i was in first semester but back then I didn actually knew how to do something.

We also read the Simple Smalltalk Testing: With Patterns, we started using Hypothesis to make notations in the web documents so that we can keep track of our readings and also share ideas or ask questions, I think this is a great tool that has been given to us.


So Ken gave us a great online course from LinkeID Learning about Python Unit Testing in which we can learn about pytest, from the basic configuration to the creation of unit test and unit suits, the conventions and best practices.

This is an example code from the course, use to teach about the three steps for making tests.

I think the course is very complete and made me realise the importance of TDD, it is a way of writing code that I haven’t implemented I much but I’ll try to put it into practice, it covers from basics to mid, so it is easy to understand.

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