My thoughts about blogging

After reading Ana’s blog about blogging I started questioning why I had been blogging all along, my first interaction with blogs was when I was in elementary school and making my own blog with HTML was one of the things that made me want to become a programmer. I have to say that when I enter university the idea of blogging wasn’t one of my favorite ones, but I have seen how helpful it is, as Ana said it helps you keep track of the things you have learned and see how much you have growth.

I have to say that blogging is a really good tool for learning, it helps you solidify what you have learn and even if you forgot how you did something you can consult your previous post and remember how you did it and maybe come up with a better idea. All I have left to say is that blogging is an activity that even do it help a lot with learning also can be use to share your thoughts and ideas about any topic it doesn’t have to be just about jobs, have that freedom is what makes it awesome.

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